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Our expert bookkeeping services for sole traders removes the burden of keeping financial records


LF Bookkeepers provides bookkeeping solutions aimed at meeting the unique challenges faced by limited companies. We ensure your books are well balanced, and we check that all eligible expenses are written off your tax bill, and with our know-how, experience and diligence, we can make sure you’re fully compliant and that all of your bookkeeping tasks are taking place, accurately and on time. View our limited company packages below.

Friendly, Affordable Business Support For Limited Companies

Remove The Pressure of Keeping Accounts


A limited company is a type of business structure that has its own legal identity, separate from its owners (shareholders) and its managers (directors). The directors and shareholders are often the same people in small limited companies and can just be one person.

Having its own separate legal identity means that the company’s bank accounts, ownership of assets, and any involvement in contracts is only related to the company business and is entirely separate from the interest of the owners of the company.

Being a limited company comes with extra responsibilities. A limited company must be registered with Companies Registrar and has statutory obligations to deliver accounts to both the Companies Registrar and the Tax Authorities. It must follow specific accounting and filing requirements as well as company legislation most particularly the Companies Acts as amended. Failure to meet all these duties and obligations could leave you vulnerable to significant fines.

Because the owners of limited companies have ‘limited liability’, your personal assets cannot be touched and the company’s finances and personal finances are kept separate. This means you only stand to lose the amount of investment you have put into the company.

The complexities involved in keeping financial records for a limited company require a meticulous bookkeeping system. Our expert bookkeeping services are tailored to meet your unique needs for a convenient fixed monthly fee.

Our Packages

We understand that no two sole traders are ever going to be the same. While all traders should be paying tax the same way – on time and in full – it remains to be said that not everyone needs the same level of support from sole trader bookkeeping.

Therefore, we’ve tailored three levels of sole trader software to help you manage your financial affairs. Through our online cloud software, you’ll have access to a range of tools at each level. Our sole trader tax specialists can then tailor service to your exact needs and standards. There’s never any room for concern.

Here are the three main packages we offer to sole traders:


An Essential sole trader tax service starts at
  • Our Essential package is perfect for sole trader tax returns which require little intervention. This is our most basic tariff, meaning you will get access to our outsourced, cloud-based bookkeeping. For enhanced financial reporting and tailored advice on expenses and more, it is well worth considering the next level of subscription.


Our Comprehensive tariff starts at
  • Comprehensive is our second-tier package, which is very popular with people who want access to detailed reports, analysis and bookkeeping. It’s considered the mid-tier in our range. Unlike the Essential package, you’ll have access to a full financial dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to keep all your numbers in check. What’s more, our sole trader tax specialists will make sure to help you complete annual reports, and will even give you access to tools and advice for VAT purposes. If your business is growing by the day, it is time you used a Comprehensive package to prepare your financial records for the future.


Our Premium packages start at
  • Our Premium package, as the name suggests, will give you access to the complete financial dashboard, and all of our limited company tax return support. You’ll have access to enhanced credit control advice, key performance indicator monitoring, quarterly business reviews, fixed asset management and more. The Premium tier is for limited companies who are serious about growth, and who want to entrust their records to a professional bookkeeper who cares.