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LF Bookkeepers provides bookkeeping solutions aimed at meeting the unique challenges faced by limited companies. We ensure your books are well balanced, and we check that all eligible expenses are written off your tax bill, and with our know-how, experience and diligence, we can make sure you’re fully compliant and that all of your bookkeeping tasks are taking place, accurately and on time. View our limited company packages below.

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Bookkeeping Services That Make Perfect Business Sense


Sole trading is the easiest, cheapest and least formal way in which to set up in business as well as manage that business. As a sole trader, you run a business as an individual, make all decisions affecting the business and own all the assets of the business personally, meaning a sole trader keeps all the profits of the business after the relevant tax has been paid. Operating as a sole trader means having sole responsibility for the business. It does not, however, mean that the sole trader has to work alone, many choose to work alone but sole traders can, and often do, take on staff.

As a sole trader, you are personally liable without limit for any debts and contracts the business has, and from a legal point of view, there is no difference between the business and the individual. This means that as a sole trader your personal assets are at risk if the business fails to pay its creditors.

Don’t risk losing your personal assets! Take advantage of our bookkeeping services so we can share our knowledge and experience of tackling the financial challenges faced by sole traders.

Setting up business as a sole trader for the first time? Struggling to get your head around sole trader taxation? You will not be alone. Even years down the line, many sole traders can find it difficult to get all of their figures together to file tax returns. However, it is crucial that you make sure you file sole trader tax accurately and on time. Otherwise, you may face fines and the tax authorities may take further action against you.

Why not let a team of local, leading sole trader bookkeeping experts help out? If you are in need of a cheap sole trader bookkeeper, our competitive packages and pricing scale may surprise you. With our services, you get guaranteed access to a qualified, experienced bookkeeper who knows exactly how to crunch your numbers the right way.

Do I Need Sole Trader Bookkeeping Services?

To begin with, it may be tempting to try and manage your sole trader tax return online on your own. In fact, it may seem simple. You may even have a good head for figures, meaning that your tax is always going to be a breeze.

But what if you’re growing your business? You may not have time to manage your financial affairs in as much depth as you’d like. What’s more, sole trader taxation is only likely to get more complicated the more money you make. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to look for sole trader bookkeeping specialists who can take care of all of the numbers for you.

Through our online system and cloud service, you’ll be able to upload your records and communicate with our team to make sure your figures are handled in the way you need them to be. What’s more, our professional, trained and accredited team will make sure your returns are always legally sound and above board. The last thing you will need is for the tax authorities to spring a surprise visit on you when your bookkeeping is out of sync! Don’t ever let this happen to you!

What Are the Risks of Not Using a Sole Trader Bookkeeping?

Running your own business carries plenty of risk. As a sole trader, you are always going to be liable, personally, for the running of your firm. This means that you will also be responsible for paying taxes, and for making sure that your figures are always up to date and secure.

If you are running your business from home or off your own back, the tax authorities will make sure to list you as such on their systems. However, failure to meet with their payment guidelines, or to manage tax effectively, could mean that your business or even personal assets are seized. Can you really afford to lose your home, car or business premises? Probably not.

Don’t ever take that risk. Talk to our specialists for sole trader who will make sure you comply with all tax regulations to the standards they expect of you.

Our Packages

We understand that no two sole traders are ever going to be the same. While all traders should be paying tax the same way – on time and in full – it remains to be said that not everyone needs the same level of support from sole trader bookkeeping.

Therefore, we’ve tailored three levels of sole trader software to help you manage your financial affairs. Through our online cloud software, you’ll have access to a range of tools at each level. Our sole trader tax specialists can then tailor service to your exact needs and standards. There’s never any room for concern.

Here are the three main packages we offer to sole traders:


An Essential sole trader tax service starts at
  • Our Essential package is perfect for sole trader tax returns which require little intervention. This is our most basic tariff, meaning you will get access to our outsourced, cloud-based bookkeeping. For enhanced financial reporting and tailored advice on expenses and more, it is well worth considering the next level of subscription.


Our Comprehensive tariff starts at
  • Comprehensive is our second-tier package, which is very popular with people who want access to detailed reports, analysis and bookkeeping. It’s considered the mid-tier in our range. Unlike the Essential package, you’ll have access to a full financial dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to keep all your numbers in check. What’s more, our sole trader tax specialists will make sure to help you complete annual reports, and will even give you access to tools and advice for VAT purposes. If your business is growing by the day, it is time you used a Comprehensive package to prepare your financial records for the future.


Our Premium packages start at
  • Our Premium package, as the name suggests, will give you access to the complete financial dashboard, and all of our sole trader tax return support. You’ll have access to enhanced credit control advice, key performance indicator monitoring, quarterly business reviews, fixed asset management and more. The Premium tier is for sole traders who are serious about growth, and who want to entrust their records to a professional bookkeeper who cares.

Taking Sole Trader Tax Seriously

In addition to our tiered packages, you can also add on invoicing management, cash flow forecasts, cloud setup and full self assessment tax return reviews. You can completely tailor your package your way.

Whether you are looking for a sole trader bookkeeper for help with your first year of business, or if you are aiming to grow your firm with the help of a streamlined, professional taxation system, LF Bookkeepers is here for you. We understand that keeping track of all your figures – as well as filing them – can be extremely demanding!

Let an expert bookkeeper help you with sole trader bookkeeping services. Call our team today to learn more, or make sure to use our online service to get started. Don’t let numbers get in the way!